GE Picture a Healthy World

Art Direction for GE’s “Picture A Healthy World” campaign to increase consumer awareness of GE’s Healthcare business. Created a unique Web experience allowing people to upload photos representing how to stay healthy.

User-contributed photos were dynamically broadcast in Times Square on the Reuters sign on World Health Day along with additional eight billboards for first-time full digital takeover of Times Square.

Also designed a variety of offline collateral and promotional material for the day’s event including t-shirts, signage and pedicab design. Provided art direction of all billboard animation and worked closely with digital production vendor and sign development team for event.

nbcu walktrhough

Summary Video

A four minute presentation encapsulating the entire event.

phw homepage

Picture a Healthy World Homepage

phw index

Image Index

phw itemview

Item View

nbcu walktrhough

Digital Signage Video

This video shows examples of the digital signage from the Time Square event.

phw pedicabs


Free pedicab rides were offered to the event from Rockefeller Center.

phw tshirt


Pedicab drivers wore these shirts while driving for World Health Day.

phw picturespot

Picture Spot

Point of interest location for visitors to take their picture with the Reuters sign.

phw seats


These seatbacks were put into Broadway theaters on the night of World Health Day.