NBCUniversal Intranet

Art Direction for NBCU’s intranet Web site. Creating a unique brand experience for NBCUniversal. Designed a template system that for sub brands such as SciFi, USA and Telemondo that allowed unique experiences for their employees.

Developed with “Ajax” and modern technologies on top of a legacy Vignette CMS system. Allowed the 15,000 NBCUniversal employees to create a personalized intranet portal, a first for NBCU and GE.

nbcu walktrhough

Intranet Walkthrough

This tour shows the interactions and behaviors. The white version at the start was the old NBCUniversal look using the GE brand.

nbcu homepage

NBCUniversal Intranet Homepage

nbc homepage

NBC Intranet Homepage

ge homepage

GE Intranet Homepage on NBCU

telemundo homepage

Telemundo Intranet Homepage

nbcu portlets

NBCU Intranet Contextual Portlets

nbcu article

NBCU Article Page